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Oh the New Years in our little community of Coto Laurel, shopping, eating, drinking and enjoying time with friends and family. To be clear, Holiday cheer lives in Coto Laurel, Puerto Rico. Around here, it's like the rest of the country, we all shop on for the most part because access to mega malls is slim. It's not a complicated place we live in, it's easy. Make Coto Laurel, Puerto Rico your new home or just come to play. It's all here in Coto Laurel!
It's November 15, 2018 start now and make plans to see Coto Laurel today!

About Coto Laurel

Coto Laurel in Puerto Rico can be found in the 00780 zip code or postal code and is the kind of place you come to and relax. Leave the day-to-day stresses of live behind. Discover your Coto Laurel, discover your happy place.

Where is Coto Laurel

On the map, Coto Laurel is easy to spot, its that town right at the crossroads of The Best and Place in the World. Click more for more maps of Coto Laurel and its surrounding countryside.

People of Coto Laurel

One of our greatest assets are our people. Come and meet the citizens of Coto Laurel

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Coto Laurel Real Estate

One of Puerto Rico's up and coming communities, the Coto Laurel real estate market is getting hotter by the month. If you've considered a move out of the day to day and were looking in Puerto Rico, you should be taking a look at Coto Laurel

Fun in Coto Laurel

We have a lot of fun around in land of Coto Laurel. Here are some things you might be interested in.

Lets talk about Puerto Rico and the Barrio of Coto Laurel. Coto Laurel isone of thirty-one barios within Ponce, PR. Neiboring Barrios are Anon, Marueno, San Patricio and coastal Canas and Capitanejo.

We are fortunate in Coto Laurel to have Ponce's largest and most comprehensive hospital, San Cristobal.

One very interesting story about the area starts in Itally and the immigration of Vassallo Fiorimonte in 1898. He came and made is home in Ponce opening a metal shop. His interest in polyvinyl Chorlide, or what is popularly known as PVC, would turn his business into an enterprise reaching around the world. His focus was the use of PVC in construction materials. It was lighter then lead, easy to handle and quick to place and seal or bind. So when you visit Home Depot or your local hardware store, you now know PVC all started in Coto Laurel! Now adays Vassallo Industries or Industrias Vassallo produces polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polypropylene products. This is the stuff they make water pipes in your home out of, Kayaks you float in, fresh water tanks for people and farm animals. secutity barriers and this flower pots that look like clay. It's really cool material.

El Turpial Boricua - Simply Excellent
El Meson Sandwiches
De Jesus Restaurant

We have a Wallgreens if you need to fill a prescription or get some beer

Do you need to stay near Coto Laurel?
If you need to stay here your going to be in nearby Ponce. We have some terrific accomodations only minutes away that are sure to make you happy. Click here for a list of great hotel options while in Coto Laurel

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